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Olivia Rempe
Developer & Web Designer

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While Alpha Kappa Psi is categorized as a "Business Fraternity," it specializes in professional development. The University of Nebraska's College of Business has a great professional development program that has greatly benefited me. However, other colleges at the University don't integrate professional development into their curriculum as the Business College does.

I noticed that this untapped market could greatly benefit from the opportunities provided by Alpha Kappa Psi, and they were not aware of us. I began carefully observing the behaviors of this channel and looking at engagement analytics of other Nebraska Organizations. What unites all the people, organizations, and colleges at the University of Nebraska was clear; it was the University of Nebraska-Lincoln brand.

Our University's essence is communicated so powerfully through Nebraska's brand, which is why I chose to align Alpha Kappa Psi's messages to it. My first step was to remodel the Instagram to give it a look and feel of the Nebraska sports teams. I trained myself in Photoshop and photography to create striking visuals that incorporated the University's templates and visual assets.

Client: Alpha Kappa Psi - Zeta Chapter
Type: Strategic Branding
Date: Nov 2019

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