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Olivia Rempe
Developer & Web Designer

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I'M Olivia Rempe

Marketing and Software Development Student

I'm a Marketing Student that specializes in branding strategy through strategic alignment. I am passionate about meaningful experiences and visual storytelling. I am a Senior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a thirst for knowledge and new experience worthy of Jesuit ideals. I approach my studies as a Renaissance learner to maximize the use of my strengths while serving those in need of my strengths.

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Olivia Rempe

Brand Strategist & Web Designer

As an individual, I thrive when I am in an environment where I am part of a team with psychologically and emotionally committed people. Based on my ability to be team-oriented, strategic, and innovative, I believe that I make a competitive candidate for any job.

Through my time in Alpha Kappa Psi as the VP of Marketing, I have taken psychological ownership of anything I commit to. I don't meet expectations; I raise them. I have taken it upon myself to improve the chapters brand through strategically aligning it under the University of Nebraska brand. While Alpha Kappa Psi is categorized as a "Business Fraternity," it specializes in professional development. The University of Nebraska's College of Business has a great professional development program that has greatly benefited me. However, other colleges at the university don't integrate professional development into their curriculum as the Business College does.

I began carefully observing my target market's behaviors and looking at engagement analytics of other Nebraska Organizations.

What unites all the people, organizations, and colleges at the University of Nebraska was clear; it was the University of Nebraska-Lincoln brand. Our University's essence is communicated so powerfully through Nebraska's brand, so I chose to align Alpha Kappa Psi's messages to it. Our University's essence is expressed so powerfully through Nebraska's brand, which is why I decided to align Alpha Kappa Psi's messages to it. My first step was to remodel the Instagram to give it a look and feel of the Nebraska sports teams, build a website through UNL's central supported content management system, and finally create a campaign to connect with my target audience and communicate key messages effectively.

Thank you for taking the time to view my site. As you can see from my attached resume, I would be an excellent asset to any team. I would continue to enhance the working environment through my enthusiastic energy and passion for all that I do. If you wish to reach me, please contact me at (773) 454-4332 or

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Web Design

I can use HTML and CSS to create modern, responsive page layouts and write Javascript to enhance and standardize user experience.

App Development

I can communicate with customers to understand their requirements and translate them into new application features.


I can keep your brand consistent in every form of communication while taking you to the next level without changing what your company stands for.


As a college student, I know what it takes to keep up with the world of social media. I will help you actively communicate with your audience by managing your digital presence across all platforms.

Graphic Designs

With the latest technology, I am always striving to push the limits of visual communication. I want your designs to be memorable, innovative, and consistent with your brand voice.

Customer Support

I have worked in various sales jobs where I learned to prioritize customer service by building relationships through developing rapport and ultimately establishing a loyal client base.

My Skills

Coding Skills


Design Skills


Skills & Knowledge

  • Campaign Management
  • Competitor Strategies
  • Creative Design
  • Detail Oriented
  • Mobile App Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Web Development
  • Logo Design
  • Public Relations
  • Event Planning
  • Photography
  • Direct Marketing
  • Digital Marketing

My Experience

August 2020 - Present Nebraska College of Business
Social Media and Marketing Intern

As a Social Media and Marketing Intern, I head social media communications, including content planning, writing, editing, curating, designing, and posting content for the College of Business account @NebraskaBiz. By engaging audiences through online community management, I hope to help build and nurture the Nebraska Business community.

Peer Career Coach

I decided to apply for the Peer Career Coach role because of my passion for furthering Nebraska's College of Business rankings, which I felt I could do by upholding high standards and expectations of academic excellence. My job as a Peer Career Coach helped me develop and strengthen coaching abilities by providing feedback and suggestions regarding navigating and understanding career decision-making, resume development, and internship/job search processes. It has allowed me to evaluate and reflect on my career development while building communication, interpersonal, problem-solving, and teamwork skills.

November 2019 - Present Alpha Kappa Psi - Zeta Chapter
VP Marketing

As the Vice President of Marketing, I took it upon myself to master critical concepts underlying software-intensive systems to redesign the chapter’s social media platforms to ensure the delivery of consistent messages. My role gave me the necessary experience to develop knowledge in content and media trends and design innovative content in Adobe Creative Cloud that maintains consistency with the national chapter and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

VP Membership

My position of Vp Marketing had an overlap with the position of VP Membership, so I decided to take over this role. By expanding social media presence by creating a LinkedIn profile and implementing paid promotions on Instagram, I increased applications by over 300% from the previous year.

August 2018 - December 2018 Clifton Builders Program
Business Consultant

A group of students and I advised the Lincoln start-up "Red Threads" to increase employee engagement and productivity by assessing current organizational needs. We compiled data from 20+ engagement surveys and analyzed possible solutions that we then presented to the CEO. We pitched solutions in our presentation, including ideas for employee appreciation and better communication networks between managers to optimize operations.

My Education

August 2017 - May 2021 University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Major: Marketing and Management, Minor: Software Development

June 2019 - August 2019 University of Oxford

6 credits of economics

2013 - 2017 Loyola Academy Jesuit College Preparatory School

High School Diploma

Hobbies & Interest

Book Reading
Classic Films

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