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Olivia Rempe
Brand Strategist & Web Designer

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I initially joined Alpha Kappa Psi in the Fall of 2019. When I joined, AKPsi's recruitment efforts consisted of 16 people applying for membership. After becoming an initiated member, I was immediately voted in by my Chapter members to serve as the VP of Marketing for the organization. I take engagement in the things that I do very seriously and refuse to half-ass anything I do. I am a firm believer that leaders set the tone for the engagement of any team, and my infectious and enthusiastic attitude has the best opportunity to enable success, increase performance and create a climate of satisfied members.

Seeing that VP Marketing went hand and hand with the position of VP Membership, I took it upon myself to take over the job based on lack of initiative by other Executive Board members. To conduct an effective recruitment, I needed to create and sustain a high performing team composed of the chapter and executive board members. To promote a higher level of intensity within chapter members, I focused on modifying behaviors, processes, and systems to meet members' changing needs.

With help from the newly invested members, I increased applications by 169% for the Spring 2020 recruitment cycle. Taking over the job as VP Membership was something thrown at me very last minute. With less than two weeks to prepare, I coordinated two recruitment events, formulated social media graphics, and oversaw the interview process of 43 applicants.

After one recruitment cycle under my belt and an understanding of what things got the chapter members most excited to be involved, I was able to take the last semester's experience and apply it to the Fall 2020 recruitment cycle.

By administering a post recruitment survey to chapter members, I focused on high scores and looked for opportunities to take it to the next level. My design skills in Photoshop are now far more developed than they were four months ago, along with my newly developed knowledge on social media marketing, I was able to increase applications by 293% from the Fall of 2019 and 46% from Spring 2020. The recruitment cycle is still in progress as you read this, and I anticipate over a 300% increase from the Fall and over a 50% increase from the Spring.

When I finished my turn, my goal was to leave behind a legacy for future members. As AKPsi closes in on the most successful recruitment season in Zeta Chapter history and welcomes in the largest pledge class they’ve ever seen, I’m happy to say that I could accomplish this.

Client: Alpha Kappa Psi - Zeta Chapter
Type: Recruitment
Date: September 2020