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AKPsi Promotional Video

Due to COVID19 traditional ways for AKPsi to advertise were limited. The University of Nebraska asked each recognized student organization to develop a short video to promote what they were about, which they would then show to underclassmen to display the organizations so they could decide which ones to join.I wanted to make something different from the other organizations, which would stand out to students as something they NEEDED to be apart of.

Having already aligned the chapters brand with the University of Nebraska and the college of business being right across the street from Memorial Stadium, it was obvious what direction to go in. My vision was to make a video that resembled the Husker Football team's tunnel walk. Those not familiar with the Husker Football tunnel walk, the song Sirius plays as the football team walks out on the field. As the team walks from the locker room to the field, they are videotaped, and the stadium's anticipation and excitement are built up.

The anticipation build-up creates an elusive feeling that sends chills down your spine. I wanted to recreate this dramatic feeling I feel every time I watch a Husker game and recreate it in a way that is tailored to Alpha Kappa Psi. Growing up as a Husker fan, you see these big giant football players who all look like Goliath's in how they stand and walk. You can't help but stare in awe and wish you were them getting to go into battle and defend Nebraska's honor as thousands of people cheer you on.

To best convey this to the audience, I filmed a handful of our members dressed in their best business professional apparel. I hoped that a freshman seeing a group of well dressed, debonair, young professionals would create that longing that watching the football team had done for me. Paired with the already dramatic Sirius song, capturing a variety of footage from handheld cameras to drone footage, and matching the tempo with the members' footsteps as they walked down to the College of Business, I created that climatic experience that I craved.

While this vision was strong, I've come to learn that it takes more than an idea to execute something like this. Editing this via iMovie as I did back in the 2000s when I used to make movies of my sisters and I could not cut it. The cheesy transitions and sound effects offered by iMovie would only hinder this powerful moment that I was trying to showcase. I learned how to use Adobe's Premiere Pro video editing software like a big kid to execute this project properly.

After releasing the video's final cut, I was delighted by the responses as many members and alumni interacted with the post by liking, commenting, and sharing. It reached over 1,400 views and continues to grow even after being out for a month. As my last final project in my position as Alpha Kappa Psi's VP marketing, I feel that this video was able to tie all elements of the brand together in a way that made sense.

I look forward to getting another opportunity to create promotional videos in the future and hope to continue developing my skills to apply this to a larger scale organization.

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Learn about my newest project, where I created a promotional video for AKPsi.